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Iwaki Station B4T Hotel customers only

We will deliver the rental bicycle to your hotel.

How to use

① Please make a reservation from here. Rental is for one day. If you have any requests such as wanting to pick up the item the night before because you will be using it early in the morning, please contact store manager Kimura (070-2317-8810).
② When you receive your desired bicycle, pay the fee on the spot. (Electronic money only)
③ After using the bicycle, please return it directly to the dedicated container (*1) in front of Iwaki Station or to Hayate Cycle (*2).
*1 (How to return to the special container)

・A Hayo cycle return container is installed on the east side of Hotel B4T Iwaki (under the rotary on the south side of Iwaki Station).

・Unlock the dial key, store the bicycle in the container, and secure the bicycle by attaching the wire lock that comes with the rental bicycle to the container.

・Close the lid of the container and lock the dial key for the container to complete the return.


*2 (How to return to Hayate Cycle)

・It is also possible to return the bicycle directly to Hayate Cycle. 15 minutes walk from JR Yotsukura Station, located 12km north of JR Iwaki Station. Adjacent to Shikura Beach parking lot.


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