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​Recommended cycling course

Images of each course are linked to ride with GPS.

1 Extreme ride(Low mountains and Fukushima Daini Nuclear Power Plant)

[For intermediate/advanced users]

・Distance 90km Gain altitude 1,200m​

・The road on the mountain side (Prefectural Route 35) has many ups and downs like the teeth of a saw.

・The road facing the sea has a wonderful view and a refreshing feeling.

・A ride through the scars of the second nuclear power plant and the earthquake.


3 Suetsugi Station - Suetsugi Cafe where you can feel the sea breeze

[For beginners]

・There is not much difference in elevation as it is 20km one way.

​・Aim for Suetsugu Station, the northernmost point of Iwaki, which also appeared in the anime.

・In June, hydrangeas are in full bloom around the station.


5 A fairly empty farm road is perfect for interval training.

[For intermediate users]

・The best practice place for those who want to step up from beginner to intermediate.

・Manager Kimura also trained his leg strength here .

・​The traffic on wide-area agricultural roads is extremely low. My road experience.


7 Mountain ants, windmill ants, valley ants, I'm already full on the slopes.

[For advanced users]

・This course is also a series of hills.

・However, there are dams, valleys, rocks that look like they fell from space, and wind turbines, so it's a lot of fun.


2 Wonder Fam slips through the rice fields

[For beginners]

・There is almost no difference in elevation over 10km one way.

・Would you like to take a leisurely run through the countryside?

・After enjoying Wonder Farm, please relax and return to Hayate Cycle.


4 Shooting scenery like a commercial and riding to find dinosaurs

[For intermediate users]

・A round trip course of approximately 32km. The altitude gained is approximately 350m.

​・You can enjoy the sea and the countryside. There are plenty of photo spots, as well as unique cafe spots.


6 Ride to enjoy the spectacular view of R399, exquisite soba, and the sea

[For advanced users]

・Anyway, this course is for those who want to run on hills.

・Your reward is Tenzan's exquisite soba and a racing course along the coast.


8 A ride where you can enjoy exquisite soba while enjoying the Abukuma Highlands

[For advanced users]

​・6 and 7 combined technique course.

・Recommended points include rocks that look like they fell from space, spectacular views of wind power generation, exquisite soba noodles, and empty roads filled with freshly made noodles.

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